Canon Project1709: 10 things you need to know

Canon Project1709 10 things you need to know

Canon surprised many photographers with the launch of Project1709. The cloud-based image management and photo sharing platform is an ambitious idea: store all your digital photos in once place, and share them easily with friends, clients and your social networks. If you’re looking to sign up for the Project1709 beta, or you’re waiting for your account to be activated, here’s everything you need to know…

Update: Canon Project1709 beta version 1.1 released with Flickr sharing and new photo management tools

Project1709: release date
If you’re wondering what that name is all about, it’s simply a reference to when Project1709 launched: 17th September 2012. We like this name; it’s different and memorable. This is just a working title though, and the platform will be rebranded once the private beta test period has finished.

Project1709: price
During the beta period, the platform is free to use for those invited to test it. Pricing details for when the service goes public will be confirmed closer to the time.

Canon Project1709 upload limit

Project1709: registering
Canon is running a private Project1709 beta test, and the service won’t be available for public access until 2013. If you want to start using the platform and providing feedback during this test phase, you’ll need to request an invitation to join. Head to and register. You’ll need to choose how you’ll log in to the Project1709 beta – using either your Facebook ID, Google ID, Yahoo! ID or Microsoft Account – add a few details and then wait for an email from Canon inviting you to start using the system. This is done on a first come, first served basis, so you may need to be patient…

Project1709: uploading photos
There are currently three ways to upload photos to Project1709. You can use the pictures stored on your Facebook page, upload photos through the Project1709 website, or download a desktop uploader for PC or Mac.

Find out more about uploading photos to Project1709.

Project1709: upload limit
More good news: there’s no restriction on the amount of photos you’re able to upload and store during the Project1709 beta. In fact, the only limit will be the speed of your internet connection! The uploaded limit may be revised in later releases, although we don’t anticipate any restriction being imposed during the beta period.

Sharing to Facebook using Canon Project1709

Project1709: sharing photos
The first Project1709 beta release lets you easily share your photos through Facebook using the Project1709 Share Facebook app. We expect other services to be added as the beta progresses (seeing as you can log in using a Yahoo! ID or Google ID, it’s not a wild suggestion to expect some kind of Flickr and Picasa integration).

Project1709: editing photos
Currently, Project 1709 is a place to store, manage and share your photos – you’ll need to carry out any retouching before you upload your pictures. However, this may well change as Canon receives feedback during the beta phase. Cloud storage, easing sharing and image editing all wrapped up in one? Now that’s exciting…

Viewing EXIF on Canon Project1709

Project1709: EXIF data
When you upload photos to Project1709, you can see the EXIF data alongside the image preview. The essential info (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) is highlighted in a separate window for easy reference, but you’ll be able to check out all the other key shooting settings too. If you’re new to photography, being able to see your camera settings alongside the results is a great way to learn more about the technical side of picture taking.

Find out how to use EXIF data.

Project1709: not just for Canon cameras
Canon is keen to stress that Project1709 isn’t just for storing and managing digital photos taken on Canon cameras. The platform is available to all photographers, regardless of the photography equipment their images have been captured with. Project1709 has been designed to support a ‘broad range’ of camera makes, including models from Canon (of course), Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung. Photos taken on popular smartphones can also be read by the system.

Project1709: feedback
Because Project1709 is in beta, Canon’s keen to receive feedback on any aspect. In fact, Canon is more than keen: there’s a Feedback tab on the bottom of every page of the platform, so you can add your comments and suggestions wherever you are. There’s also a ‘Request a feature’ tab for adding your ideas. Don’t hold back, now…

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