14 photography boards on Pinterest every photographer should follow

14 photography boards on Pinterest every photographer should follow

We’re certainly not short of social media sites these days, but Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing and increasingly influential networks right now.

As a sort-of visual bookmark of interesting and inspiring pages on the web, Pinterest at the moment offers perhaps the easiest and fastest opportunity to get your work seen by millions. One simple ‘re-pin’ of one of your photos could start a snowball effect that ushers your image onto computer screens all around the globe.

What’s more, Pinterest is a fantastic place to find new photo ideas, projects you might not have considered or tutorials that go a bit further than the usual run-of-the-mill photography tips.

To help you get started, we’ve listed below 14 of the most influential photography boards on Pinterest. If you’re a photographer and want to get started pinning and sharing, these 14 pinners are the first people you should start following.

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1. Hansol Kim

This prolific pinner has some of the most extensive ‘collections’ of photography you will find on Pinterest, ranging from female portraits to close-ups, interior photography, weather and overhead views. You’re quite likely to find inspiration here in a form you weren’t expecting. What’s more, a re-pin from Mr Kim will likely introduce your own work to legions of new followers.

2. Theresa L

Photographer and power pinner Theresa L has collected a beautiful array of images, resting heavily on portraiture, street and still life photography. One of the more popular photographers on Pinterest, Theresa has made more than 1.6m re-pins.

3. Chuchu NY

Modern, minimalist, monochrome. These three words sum up Chuchu NY’s popular Pinterest page, and if this sounds like your style too, follow her today and she might just follow you back.

Best photography Pinterest boards for photographers: Chuchu NY

4. Cici Absolutely White

Bright and airy, this lawyer-cum-photographer certainly has a distinct style and frequently pins photos and inspiring ideas that make you say, ‘Wow’. What’s more, Cici follows lots of pinners and re-pins their work. A single re-pin from Cici could see your Pinterest followers double overnight.

5. Yoshihiro Ogawa

Yoshihiro doesn’t have as many followers as some other people in this list, but he might be the most influential pinner here. His ‘Mono Magic’ community boards have hundreds of editors, and grow by the day. His community boards (simply follow him, and he’ll likely invite you to join) are a great way to meet other pinners and photographers with similar tastes.

6. Klaus Herrmann

Much like Yoshihiro, Klaus’s number of followers might seem modest compared to others, but following his Best of Pinterest Photographers board is the first thing you should do once you set up your account. Many photographers who’ve come from Flickr or 500px to check out what Pinterest is all about meet here and post their portfolios. It’s a great hangout, and an easy way to find like minds and inspiration.

Best photography Pinterest boards for photographers: Klaus Hermann

7. Jonathan Lo

While not a photographer nor the curator of a strictly photography-themed page, the prolific Jonathan Lo has a very keen sense of what he likes, and has nearly a half a million re-pins under his belt. Follow him, and you could be one of them!

8. Reiner Gogolin

It’s hard to characterise this page, or even begin to summarise the themes of the boards here (‘morphological homonyms’, anyone?), but the sheer number of photo ideas on display should have you gagging to get out with your camera.

9. Style Me Pretty

Wedding, portrait and even fashion photographers will want to follow Style Me Pretty, who boasts an extensive range of boards showcasing group photos, product photography and everything – and more – you could imagine photographing at a wedding. Come for the ideas – there are plenty – and if you’re lucky enough to get a re-pin of your own work, you can expect your followers to grow exponentially.

10. Jim Harmer

Jim is the American photographer behind the technique website ImprovePhotography.com, and is a prolific pinner of everything from photography tips, posing ideas, photo projects, setups and inspirational images. One of the first of the photography websites to truly ‘get’ how Pinterest works, you can learn a lot hanging around his boards.

Best photography Pinterest boards for photographers: Jim Harmer

11. Rowena Murillo

Rowena’s style isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but if her modern, moody, minimalist pins match your own you may have just found your creative soulmate – and quite an influential one to boot.

12. DP School

The ever-popular Digital Photography School is another website that has quickly embraced the visual nature of Pinterest and used it to create one of the more informative pages for photographers out there. Specialised boards like ‘Camera angles’ and ‘Forced perspective’ are full of inspiring ideas, and what’s more DP School re-pins everyone, without restriction, as long as your content is quality content.

13. Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World has a popular page that has grown quickly thanks to the depth of the tutorials in its Photography Tips & Tutorials page. You might also find some quick ideas and answers from from its Photography Cheat Sheets board.

14. Photoventure

Hey, we’re small, but we’re new! And we love to find exciting new photography. Come follow us on Pinterest, and we’ll follow you back.

Best photography Pinterest boards for photographers: Photoventure

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