Importing RAW photos into Canon Project1709

One of the questions we get asked fairly often is what type of image file can be uploaded to Canon Project1709.

The short answer is: any photo file, as long as it contains EXIF data. And that means RAW files as well.

As with JPEGs, you can’t edit RAW files in Project1709 yet, but you can view them. It’s certainly interesting to see both a processed JPEG and the original RAW file side by side in Project1709’s ‘Your Photos’ wall of images.

Canon Project1709: viewing RAW files side by side with JPEGs

Because the RAW and JPEG versions of the same image will look similar, there’s a chance that they’ll be viewed as duplicates by Project1709.

The application uses an algorithm to check various parameters of a photo, and any duplicates that are detected will appear in the duplicates area of the platform.

Clearly, Canon understands that the RAW and JPEG versions of the same image should not be treated as duplicates, and during the Project1709 beta period, both versions will be accepted. We’ve tested this, and can confirm that it works.

The development team have also highlighted in the FAQs section that they are working on functionality that will enable you to adjust this duplication detection. We expect this to appear once Project1709 goes public.

So far, we’ve only tested Project1709 with Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF files – they work perfectly, with all EXIF data present and correct.

As with other image files, you can also download these RAW files too. Images can be saved as the original RAW file or as a screen resolution JPG.

Canon Project 1709: viewing EXIF of a RAW file

At the launch of Project17090, RAW files could only be downloaded without their extension, and you’d need to add .CR2, .NEF or similar in order for RAW processing software such as Adobe Camera Raw to recognise them.

An update to Project1709 on 22 October means that any RAW photos uploaded from this date can also be downloaded with their file extension intact.

We’ll take another look at this aspect as the beta period progresses…

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