11 photographers you need to follow on Behance

The internet is a vast, overcrowded space and finding inspiration for your creative endeavours can be like trying to dig seeds out of a watermelon in the dark.

Thankfully, we’re here to help, with our guides to 12 of the best Flickr photographers , and 14 Pinterest photography boards to follow.

Here we’ve rounded up 11 of the most prolific and creative photographers you need to follow on Behance. We’re certain their photography projects will help kick-start your creativity.

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Tom Hussey
A brilliantly creative photographer, Hussey’s award-winning Novartis ‘reflections’ campaign showing elderly people looking into the mirror at their younger selves was a thing on the internet for a while upon its release. But his lesser-known portfolios on Behance are well worth a look. There are plenty of equally creative photography projects to choose from.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Tom Hussey


Mikko Lagerstedt
The Finnish photographer’s otherworldly images and photo manipulations resemble a post-apocalyptic landscape that has frozen over. If that doesn’t draw you in, you probably shouldn’t be on the internet.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Mikko Lagerstedt


LaNola Stone
New York City-based Stone is a professional photographer and ‘artist, author and educator.’ You might also say she’s the anti-Anne Geddes. Specialising in child portraiture and childhood imagery, her documentary series of New York through the eyes of children are inspiring.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: LaNola Stone


Kevin Steele
Sports and action photographers should put down any text book they might be reading and take a moment to go view Kevin Steele’s portfolios (we recommend Falling Water and Active Lifestyle). You’ve never seen a tilt-shift effect of climbers repelling down the face of Abe Lincoln on Mt Rushmore – or if you have, you’ve never seen it done as well as this! Steele’s inventive use of shutter speed, lens effects and alternative perspectives is a joy to behold.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Kevin Steele


Anthony Kurtz
A commercial photographer by day, in his spare time Kurtz hits the streets to photograph ‘people and the spaces they occupy.’ Such as the Occupy protests, the 9/11 Truth movement and many of the other groundswells that fall under the radar of America’s mainstream media. Recent street photography projects have taken him to Senegal and elsewhere abroad. Kurtz’s pictures are linked by dark, heavy tones – almost over-exaggerated – lit with natural light and strobes. Very compelling stuff.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Anthony Kurtz


Benoit Paillé
This Quebecois photographer has been photographing strangers since 2007 in an attempt to break the chief rule of urban life of not disturbing people in public spaces. Approaching people in subways, shopping malls and crowded streets, Benoit hopes to break down the anonymity of the big city, and the results are often fascinating. The engagement with his camera is what makes these images street portraits rather than street shots, and as a result he succeeds in removing the anonymity to reveal the characters who make up the population.

Recently Benoit took his project a step further, setting up his camera on a tripod on a beach, leaving a remote release to give passersby complete control over their own self-portrait. Again, the results are astonishing.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Benoit Paille


Gem Fletcher
Fletcher is an Art Director at Getty Images in London and in her free time teams up with stylists, make-up artists and lighting experts to create short photo essays exploring a simple, quirky theme, such as sunburns, people with animal hair, retro sports and human sculpture. A recent project, Heads and Tails, takes studio portraits of professionals in their professional livery and cuts the image in half, mixing ballerina legs with a tennis pro’s upper body, for instance. Very clever stuff.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Gem Fletcher


Cally Whitham
You’ve never seen wildlife photography like this. It’s underexposed, the white balance is way off and very little is sharp. But it’s brilliant. Cally’s stated goal of ‘photographing the mundane and ordinary in a romantic light’ seems to have paused on birds, but scroll far enough back through her archive and you’ll find portfolios dedicated to livestock, captive animals, landscapes and portraits before arriving back at poultry! Her soft, dawn-of-photography effect is visually stunning and succeeds in her goal of ‘inviting viewers to reflect on our rural beginnings.’

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Cally Whitham


Johannes Heuckeroth
Everyone thinks architecture photography is easy because the buildings don’t move, but the thing is, every other element of the picture is beyond your control. Heuckeroth, like a photographic Siefried & Roy, manages to tame the surrounding urban landscape to produce brilliantly lit, amazingly inventive pictures of buildings.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Johannes Heuckeroth


Nemesis Pictures
Honestly, no words will do this justice. If we said, ‘Photos of fat iguanas lounging on hammocks, an invisible man fishing, animated pimples that get humans for spots and gerbil cupcakes,’ would any of it make sense? Of course not. You’ll just have to go check out Nemesis Pictures’ conceptual photo essays to understand. And even then you won’t understand.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Nemesis Pictures


Jürgen Heckel
The German sound artist and photographer has stripped nature photography down to its bare roots (if you can excuse the pun). Rather than capturing the traditional wide vista, Heckel singles out the individual elements that comprise it. Portfolios dedicated to stone, plants, sand and fungi show how these elements are quite beautiful and compelling in their own right when photographed alone. Other creative endeavours have seen Heckel photograph one landscape through the night and follow herds of animals. If you’re looking for a way to liven up your landscape photography, Heckel’s inventiveness and anti-landscape, desaturated images will surely leave you inspired.

11 photographers you need to follow on Behance: Jurgen Heckel


Which creative Behance photographers do you find most inspiring? Let us know below…

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