10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr

More photographers than ever are migrating to Tumblr, with its slick, minimalist design and blog themes that allow you to display your images in a much more flattering format than others can offer. But Tumblr can be a minefield when trying to find what speaks to you as a photographer. To help you along we’ve rounded up 10 of the best photo blogs to follow on Tumblr.

It’s a diverse lot. Some are photographers’ own pet projects, some are actual magazines, and others are agency archives. But one thing they have in common is their ability to inspire your own creative endeavours.

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Photojojo Hearts Tumblr
Photojojo could come to your house, smash your camera and laugh at your pictures, but you know what? You’d still love Photojojo. Everyone does! And Photojojo’s Tumblr blog is the perfect extension of its popular website, offering an eclectic mix of quirky techniques, cool gadgets, interesting videos and, of course, amazing pictures. We heart Photojojo Hearts Tumblr!

Sharing photos online in 2013: Tumblr


The Daily Chessum

Portrait photographer Jake Chessum should be much more famous than he is. An intensely creative and prolific photographer, Chessum updates his Tumblr blog frequently with outtakes from his many projects and commissions. Sometimes it’s David Cameron on a stage. Sometimes it’s rubbish on the street. Other times, it’s hard to tell which is which.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: The Daily Chessum


Not Content
Put simply, Not Content showcases the best photographers you’ve never heard of. From the contemporary to the downright bizarre (which are often times the same), this fantastic photo blog features a portfolio of images from a wide range of photographers, often with an interview and always including links to see more of their work.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Not content


Yes, we’re all tired of seeing pictures of bare feet in grass and half-eaten jam tarts, but the Hipstamatic Tumblr blog eschews all that fare and shares an eclectic mix of Hipstamatic photo essays, animated gifs, behind-the-scenes views of the team at work and sneak peeks at their free iPad magazine, Snap.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Hipstamatic


Professional photojournalist Benjamin Lowy had a Eureka moment a few years ago when he discovered that his iPhone allows him to capture scenes without feeling like he’s ‘on the job.’ Carrying several DSLRs with him kind of took the shine off of shooting for fun, but the lightweight, point-and-shoot nature of the iPhone helped him rediscover his passion. The fruits of these endeavours he shares on his brilliant photo blog, iSee.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: iSee


Camera Obscura Magazine
Do you like to read, as well as look at pictures? Dedicated to contemporary photography, Camera Obscura features cutting-edge photography along with thought-provoking interviews (such as self-portrait queen Miss Aniela’s piece arguing why all photographs are flukes) Published in five languages, you really have no excuse not to read it – unless you’re from Ulan Bator.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Camera Obscura Magazine


LIFE on Tumblr
If you haven’t heard of LIFE magazine, you have a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully, LIFE on Tumblr brings the iconic journal to a new audience, re-posting many of its old covers, classic portraits and important photo essays. Isn’t it time you start broadening your horizons beyond I Can Haz Cheezburger?

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Life magazine


Getty Images Reportage Blog
The last of the big, big names on our list, Getty’s Reportage Blog is stunningly good. Inspiring photojournalism from its photographers and archives, as well as the story behind them, will either make you hate the world or appreciate it more.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Getty Images Reportage Blog


Photography Week
Photography Week is a new weekly iPad magazine, but away from the confines of the tablet format Photography Week hosts a thriving community of photographers from around the world. Updated daily, their Tumblr blog showcases some of the finest imagery you ever done seen.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Photography Week


Peruvian-born Joao Canziani is based in New York City and lives the dream of shooting for high-profile commercial clients like Apple and Nike, and using his free moments to travel the world pursuing personal projects. Subliminous features favourites and outtakes from many of these shoots, and previews of his ongoing projects, such as documenting the relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy in New York.

10 amazing photo blogs to follow on Tumblr: Subliminous


Let us know if you follow any of the Tumblr photography blogs featured here – and if you feel we’ve missed some great ones, let us know in the comments below…

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