12 amazing photography infographics

Amazing photography infographics: is photography dead?

Sometimes seeing really is believing – particularly in photography. The technical nature of photography can be confusing for many photographers just starting out, and no matter how well written a beginner guide may be, sometimes seeing a concept illustrated is the best way for it to sink in. To help you along we’ve rounded up 12 of the best photography infographics on the web, all of which combine clever design with essential techniques every photographer must know.

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Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
Miguel Yatco’s manual photography cheat sheet is probably the most shared photography infographic online. In fact, it’s so popular, Yatco earns a tidy sum selling prints of the cheat sheet. Blending artful design with fundamental knowledge every photographer should know, this infographic is perfect for any photographer just starting out.

Amazing photography infographics: manual photography


Exposure Photography
Picture Correct’s infographic starts by asking the question, What is Exposure?, and ends explaining the fundamentals of high dynamic range photography (HDR). In between, learn about light meters and how they work, as well as what direct controls your camera offers for nailing the best exposure.

How-To Geek Photo Cheat Sheet
How-To Geek’s photography infographic is fully aimed at beginners, but no matter how long you’ve been shooting you’ll likely find its common exposure value table useful. Best of all, it’s been formatted so you can print it out and stick it in your wallet for future on-location use.

54 Portrait Ideas: free downloadable posing guide
Digital Camera World’s portrait posing guide was impossible to miss on Pinterest last year, and offers photographer a wide range of sample poses to be inspired by, as well as sample expressions.

Amazing photography infographics: posing full-length portraits


How to choose a wedding photographer?
While not actually aimed at photographers (rather, brides), this great infographic should still be essential reading for any aspiring wedding photographer. These tips on how much to charge, services to provide and how to work with clients will give you an advantage over your less savvy competitors.

Variables that affect exposure
This brilliant, interactive applet explores the relationship between aperture and shutter speed like no other cheat sheet. Drag the shutter speed, aperture and ISO sliders and watch how each combination changes the appearance of the image.

Why you should take photos in RAW
We’ve all heard the arguments why you should shoot RAW files rather than JPEGs. But SMTT’s infographic explains the way in which your camera processes image files much more succinctly, and free of jargon, than any photography magazine ever has.

Amazing photography infographics: why you should take photos in raw


Understanding light in photography
Learn how to take control of light and you can do just about anything you want as a photographer. This clever infographic shows you how to adapt your shooting to the many different directions of light, and how it if affects your subjects.

Mastering Depth of Field: Techniques for Dynamic Photos
Sometimes a simple illustration can demystify even the most complex concepts, and that’s exactly what this great infographic does. Using an example of birds on a tree branch, this clever cheat sheet shows the effects different aperture settings have on depth of field and how you can take control of it in your own photography.

Is Photography Dead?
No, is the answer! A bit different from most other photography infographics, Design Taxi’s guide doesn’t teach you any fundamental techniques; rather, it traces the current state of photography in the mobile age. Some of the figures are quite startling.

Amazing photography infographics: is photography dead?


How to take outdoor portriats
Another great infographic for using natural light, this cheat sheet shows the effects of light on a subject as the sun sits in different positions in the sky.

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet
DIY Photography’s infographic shows three possible angles for setting the flash: Angling the flash down 45 degrees toward the subject; having the light on the same level as the subject and angling the flash 45 degrees up to light the subject from below. Each height position is placed on a different line.

Amazing photography infographics: portrait lighting cheat sheet


Have you come across any top photography infographics that aren’t listed above? Let us know in the comments below, or share them on our Facebook wall or Twitter feed.


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