Canon Project1709 beta version 1.1 launches

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 04 1 Albums

Canon has today released an update to its Project1709 beta photo management platform. Dubbed ‘Project1709 v1.1′, the new version brings a number of requested features and additional enhancements to the six-month-old beta. Existing users of Canon’s service can log in now to test these new features.

Project1709: Flickr sharing
Top of the list of version 1.1 features is the ability to publish and export photos to and from Flickr. Images stored in Project1709 can now be shared to your Flickr albums, and vice versa.

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Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 07 4 Share to Flickr

Project1709 has offered Facebook sharing since Canon launched the platform in September 2012. Just like that sharing option, if you import your pictures from Flickr you also pull in any comments your images have received in Yahoo’s photo-sharing site. Of course, you can also easily post comments from your Project1709 account to Flickr too. Images shared from Project1709 to Flickr will also display a small icon, similar to that which is used to identify Project1709 images on Facebook.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 07 5 Comments

If you decide to upload your entire Flickr image collection to Project1709, don’t expect them to appear instantly. The import will take place gradually.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 Flickr


Project1709: Album creation
Another significant enhancement that version 1.1 brings is the ability to sort your growing photo collection into albums. Project1709 displays photos in a striking, scrollable ‘mosaic’, and allows you to sort your collection by date using a slick timeline interface, or browse your images by tag or camera type. The new Album View provides an alternative way to view your collection, and more flexibility for sourcing specific batches of shots.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 04 1 Albums

Album View is easily accessible from the drop-down menu at the top of the Project1709 interface. Using this, you can view a list of albums you’ve created and set up a new one. Alternatively view your collection as normal, highlight pictures you want to create an album from and use the new ‘Organise’ button on the right of the screen.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 05 1 Add to albums

Organise replaces the previous ‘Tag’ button, and gives you the option of adding images to an album, tagging a photo or deleting it. Yes, deleting it. Project1709 now enables you to remove images, whether from just an album or from your entire collection. If you delete an image from within your albums, then it will only be removed from the albums and not your collection.

Discover more about creating and managing albums in Project1709.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 delete


Project1709: improved image search and management tools
The final major front-end addition comes in the form of new management tools – always welcome features in a photo management service. As well as being able to name your albums and rename individual images, you can rotate pictures and, as mentioned above, delete them as required. Project1709 beta users have been requesting this standard functionality, so it’s good to see them finally making it in.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 08 Photo rollover

To use these features, simply hover the mouse pointer over an image in any of the gallery views, and an overlay will appear on the picture, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments directly. Alternatively, you can click on a picture to be taken to single image view, and make the changes there.

The Project1709 tagging options have been given a spring-clean too. When searching for pictures stored in Project1709, you can now choose multiple tags and select whether you want to view images that match all the tags, or any of the individual ones.

Canon Project1709 beta v1.1 09 0 All Any tag search
Those are the major new additions that Project1709 beta version 1.1 brings to the platform. No doubt there are many back-end performance enhancements too. You’ll notice there’s no mention of a Mac desktop uploader (another frequently requested feature), and we anticipate that and further tweaks being introduced soon.

New to Project1709? Check out our beginner’s guide to Project1709. You’ll find links to more articles below. Don’t forget that you can sign up for the beta at any time at – you’ll be able to use the service once you receive an invitation in your inbox.

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