17 famous photographers who are active on Facebook

Facebook certainly isn’t short of photographers to follow, but if you want to narrow your selection to only the photographers who have carved out a name for themselves in the industry, it can be difficult to know where to look.

Well don’t worry, because we’ve done the leg-work for you. We’ve trawled for the most active famous photographers and have listed them below. You might be surprised to learn which famous photographers are active on Facebook…

Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter

Likes at time of writing: 22,719

Photographer and author of bestseller Dancers Among Us, Jordan owes his fame to social media after his exhilarating images of dancers in every day scenarios went viral. Having found many of the subjects he’s photographed via Facebook, Jordan is well-versed in social media and frequently posts on his Facebook page.

Richard Peters

Likes at time of writing: 3,403

Richard Peters is an award-winning wildlife photographer based in the UK. He keeps in touch with his fans on Facebook putting a personal touch into his updates.

Benjamin Von Wong

Likes at time of writing: 18,625

Benjamin Von Wong is very active on Facebook, updating his page with his recent work a and also putting out calls to collaborate with people as well as a few surprises. He frequently responds to comments on his page.

Lisa Kristine

Likes at time of writing: 4,118

Lisa Kristine specialises in humanitarian photography. If you follow her on Facebook you will know to read her updates whenever they are posted as she only posts news on her latest work and projects rather than simply updating her page with images.

Tom Ryaboi

Tom Ryaboi

Likes at time of writing: 516

Tom Ryaboi’s rise to fame has been by way of the unique perspective of his photographs shot from the dizzying heights of city skyscrapers. He updates his Facebook page with his newest work and projects and shares ‘rooftopping’ shots by other photographers.

Anne Geddes

Likes at time of writing: 121,847

Anne Geddes’ popular Facebook page shares Anne’s images and offers exclusive content and special offers to fans.


Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

Likes at time of writing: 148,420

Steve McCurry’s official Facebook page shares straightforward links to Steve’s blog, as well as other newsworthy stories from elsewhere on the web.

Michael Poliza

Likes at time of writing: 62,042

As well as posting his photography and news, German-born, South Africa-based wildlife photographer Michael Poliza frequently shares news stories on environmental issues. Watch odd for the occasional game, too!

Marcel van Oosten

Likes at time of writing: 7,829

Marcel van Oosten is a regular contributor to National Geographic. He updates his Facebook page with images and news, and often puts a person touch on his posts.

The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman

Likes at time of writing: 171,694

Fashion blogger and photographer Scott Schuman is popularly known by the name ‘The Sartorialist’, which is his Twitter handle and the title of his blog. His Facebook page acts as a feed for his blog and is updated daily. One to watch if you’re interested in fashion!

Fro Knows Photo aka Jared Polin

Likes at time of writing: 63,899

Jared Polin’s popular website Fro Knows Photo also has a popular following on Facebook. This very active page is highly interactive and includes giveaways, competitions, and many other ways for fans to get involved.

David Burrard-Lucas

Likes at time of writing: 51,140

UK-based wildlife photographer Burrard-Lucas is frequently updated with news and latest shots from the photographer. This is a great page to follow if you want to be updated with stunning wildlife shots.


Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby

Likes at time of writing: 58,029

Scott Kelby is no stranger to social media and has a blog which he posts to do a daily basis. He also likes to engage his fans, and shares his news on his Facebook page frequently.

LittleFriendsPhoto aka Seth Casteel

Likes at time of writing: 156,632

Seth Casteel is the photographer behind Little Friends Photo. His comical images of dogs diving into a swimming pool became an overnight sensation online and acquired him a very healthy following on Facebook. Dog lovers, this one’s for you.

Joe Cornish

Likes at time of writing: 1,394

UK-based landscape photographer Joe Cornish updates his page with his latest news and offers. If you are based in the UK and want to know what event Joe will be speaking at next, you should definitely like his page.

Charlie Waite

Likes at time of writing: 858

Although English landscape photographer Charlie Waite might not have a very high following on Facebook, he often updates his page with his images and news of his talks and workshops.


Likes at time of writing: 21,941

Yes, Rankin is on Facebook. And he’s not bad at it, either! He updates his page with his work frequently and the amusing comments that he posts along with them are not to be missed. Rankin’s personality shines through his page.

Do you follow any famous photographers on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

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