10 stupid mistakes all photographers make

There are some classic mistakes that all photographers make, which can be frustrating and hold back our development. In this easy guide we’ve put together the top ten most common photo mistakes along with some sage advice on how to avoid them.

10 stupid mistakes all photographers make

1. Lens cap still on
This has to be at the top of the list as we’ve all done it, and unless lens caps are consigned permanently to the bottom of a camera bag never to be used (not wise), we’ll continue to do it. As is often the case, the best defence mechanism when someone points out your mistake is a hearty laugh. But you could claim that you are contemplating taking a pinhole shot and the cap has a microscopic hole – hmm maybe not.

The only sensible way to avoid making this classic error is to get into the habit of tipping the camera up as you lift it to your eye and having a quick look for the lens cap.

2. Flat battery
Another face-palm moment. There’s a great shot to be had and your camera is as dead as that flightless big-billed bird. Repeatedly flicking the power switch won’t help. It’s dead, move on.

The best way to escape this photographic hiatus is to have two batteries, one in the camera and the other in your bag, fully charged. Yeah, that’s what the smart kids do – but then they would’ve also charged the original battery as soon as they had the chance. The lesson here is to charge batteries as soon as you can after a shoot and carry a spare for long shoots or lengthy gaps between charging opportunities.

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