10 camera hacks you wouldn’t believe possible

Camera hacks can require an advanced technical skill and knowledge, but many camera hacks are surprisingly simple to undertake and are often cheap and quick to do, too.

We’ve found ten quick and simple camera hacks that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a little thinking outside the box, you won’t believe what’s possible to achieve with your photography!

1. Reduce your camera shake with a bag of lentils and a pair of jeans

10 camera hacks you wouldn’t believe possible

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When we see a bag of lentils the first thing that jumps to our minds isn’t dhal, but camera stabiliser. Grab yourself an old pair of jeans too and you’re good to go.

This tutorial from Digital Camera World shows you just what to do to make a convenient camera stabiliser for those difficult situations when you find yourself without a tripod.

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