10 ways to take inspiration from your own photo collection

10 ways to take inspiration from your own photo collection

Looking at your own photo collection can be more inspirational than looking at someone else’s work, especially when you have a large collection of images. Browsing through your images is the best way to see how you have developed as a photographer, and if you have hit a slump in your photography, it can be a great way to get yourself out of it.

Taking inspiration from your own collection of photographs also helps you to avoid being overly influenced by the work of others and can help you to develop your own unique style.

Below we talk you through 10 ways that you can find inspiration from your own photo collection…

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1. Group your images

Put them into different collections. For example one for flowers and one for architecture. See if you’ve developed different styles for different genres of photography, or whether your style is consistent throughout.

2. Sort your images

Arrange them by date and browse through them. Note how your style and technique have changed over the course of time.

3. Review your unfinished images

What work do you need to do to these photographs to create the final image?

4. Review your finished images

Are you happy with the final result?

5. See if there are any ‘gaps’

Explore your collection and see if  there are any genres or techniques you have yet to try. Aim to fill those gaps with new work and compare these images with your previous ones.

6. Look at your earliest work

If you haven’t viewed this pictures for a while, it’ll probably be like looking at a new image again. Compare these images with your latest work and ask yourself which you prefer. Have you progressed in the direction you wanted to take?

7. Choose your favourite image

Ask yourself why it’s your favourite.

8. Choose your least favourite image

Ask yourself why this is your least favourite image.

9. Explore your experiments

Look through images you’ve taken where you’ve been more experimental with your photography. Is there a type of photography you’d like to experiment more with?

10. What inspired you?

When looking at your best and favourite images, think about what inspired you to take those shots at the time. If you’re in a slump with your photography, perhaps you can find that source of inspiration again with similar results.

Have you found inspiration from your own photography? Let us know in the comments!

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