26 perfect examples of forced perspective photography

26 perfect examples of forced perspective photography: 04. Floating Can by Steve Zeidler

We always enjoy looking at photographs that use the classic technique of forced perspective – it’s a great way to play with people’s perceptions!

For those of you who are wondering, forced perspective is essentially an optical illusion that can make a subject appear smaller or larger than it actually is. This is achieved by shooting one of your subjects in relation to another, moving one closer to the camera, and the other further away to create a sort of optical illusion.

Forced perspective techniques were most famously used in the Lord of the Rings films to make the actors playing the hobbits appear smaller than the other actors. Director Peter Jackson was just borrowing techniques used by photographers for, well, over a century!

Forced perspective has enduring appeal because it opens the door to a strange world where anything is possible. One of the best things about forced perspective photography is that it’s really easy to do, doesn’t require any special kit and you can achieve it with the cheapest of cameras, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go out and try this for yourself.

But don’t forget to share your image! Whether it’s Flickr, Facebook or Canon’s irista platform, we’d love to see your examples of how it’s done!

Below we’ve listed some of our favourite examples of forced perspective photography online to help inspire your own attempts.

1. This is one of our favourite forced perspective photos because the unsuspecting man in the frame might never realise that he was the subject of the image.

26 perfect examples of forced perspective photography: 01. via Daily Mail

Via Dailymail.co.uk

2. The possibilities of forced perspective in photography are almost endless – you can even eat your friends!

26 perfect examples of forced perspective photography: 02. The Monster-by-Laukik Bajpai

By Laukik Bajpai

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