DSLR vs CSC: which one is best for you?

CSCs are becoming increasingly popular and there are models available to suit every level of photographer from the novice to the professional.

They are putting up some fierce competition for the DSLR, the traditional camera of choice for enthusiast photographers and it can be hard to decide which type of camera to opt for.

However, there are three key points that are important to understand about the two camera types when trying to choose between a DSLR vs CSC.

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DSLR vs CSC: 01 Size

DSLR vs CSC: which one is best for you?

One of the primary reasons for introducing the CSC genre was to create smaller cameras that can accept different lenses.

Compact system cameras can be made smaller than SLRs because they don’t have a mirror or pentaprism/pentamirror.

As well as the obvious space saving that omitting these components makes, the mirrorless design of a CSC also enables the lens to be mounted closer to the sensor – again shrinking the camera, and in some cases the lenses.

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