8 dumb things all photographers do (and how to stop doing them)

We all do daft things now and again, but there are a few really dumb mistakes that photographers manage to keep making on a regular basis. Here are some classics along with a few tips on how to avoid them.

8 dumb things all photographers do (and how to stop doing them)

Dumb Photography Mistake No. 1: Wrong mode

This is something that you can sometimes get away with, but there are other occasions when you just can’t.

If you’re shooting a moving subject, for instance and you think you’re in shutter priority mode with a nice high shutter speed set, but actually you’re in aperture priority mode and there’s a small aperture selected, the chances are you’re going to get blurred shots.

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If you’re lucky they’ll be badly blurred so you notice pretty quickly, but if you’re not they might look OK when you glance quickly at them on the LCD on the back of the camera so you carry on shooting.

Then at some point it will suddenly dawn on you that the shutter doesn’t sound right and you’ll check the shutter speed. Doh!

You know what to do – check the settings before you shoot.

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