10 cameras they could make in 2014… if they dared

10 cameras they could make in 2014… if they dared

New cameras for 2014: 01 Canon EOS-1D Xi – 4G photography

Wi-Fi enabled cameras are great, but why do we have to keep searching for friendly Wi-Fi hotspots, or struggle with clumsy SmartPhone connections? Why can’t we have 3G/4G built into the camera?

Take the EOS-1D X for example. It’s Canon’s flagship professional still camera and many of its users will be sports/press photographers who need to send pictures back to their clients almost as soon as the shutter button is pressed.

It’s the perfect candidate, and if you can cram cellular data connectivity into a pocket-sized phone (at a pocket-friendly price), it surely can’t be hard to do the same with a big, tough beast like the EOS-1D X?

Canon wouldn’t have to go the Android route, like Samsung with the Galaxy NX, because that’s too clever by half. All it would need would be some proprietary built-in software to handle file transfer between the camera and a remote computer or a site like Canon’s Project 1709 photo management platform.

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platform can simplify your photo management

As soon as you shoot, a full-res JPEG (RAW files might be just a little too large) could be on its way into the cloud, ready to be picked up by your picture editor.

Heck, your Canon could also be a personal hotspot for your laptop, tablet and other devices. Its battery is big enough to take it, where those in smaller cameras might struggle.

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