Social media for photographers: the 10 worst mistakes everyone makes (and how to avoid them)

The internet is awash with stories of epic social media blunders, from Tesco’s ‘time to hit the hay’ tweet the day before the horse meat scandal broke out to racist tweets that got people fired and companies discredited.

And while a single photographer is unlikely to attract a storm of abuse like McDonald’s, British Gas and JP Morgan when inviting feedback on social media, there are still some pitfalls that all photographers should avoid.

Social media for photographers: the 10 worst mistakes everyone makes

Social media tips for photographers: 1. Only sharing your own content

Getting your work seen is one of the main reasons you should use social media in the first place, but if your status updates are always about your own work, it will come across as advertising rather than genuine sharing, and your followers will eventually stop paying attention to you.

In addition to your own work, share links to funny, fascinating or useful content elsewhere on the web that your followers will find interesting.

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Social media tips for photographers: 2. Sharing unfinished work

People will judge you on what they saw last, so your best strategy is to keep posting your very best pictures; not your half-baked experiments accompanied by an excuse like ‘this isn’t quite there yet’.

It’s better to become known as a constant source of inspiration than a hit-or-miss amateur.

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