11 camera hacks that will save you tons of money

Cameras are more affordable than they have ever been, and the quality just keeps getting better. However, camera accessories can still be quite expensive for what they actually are.

If you think you’ll never be able to create the images you’ve dreamed of because you can’t afford all the gear you think you need, think again.

There are plenty of crafty ways to achieve the results you want. The camera hacks below prove that with an open mind and a willingness to experiment, there’s always a solution.

Macro gear hacks

11 camera hacks that will save you tons of money

Copyright: Alexey Kljatov, www.chaoticmind75.blogspot.ru

Best budget camera hacks: 1. Simple hacks with a point-and-shoot
Have you always envied people who are able to take fantastically detailed close-up shots? Don’t worry about forking out hundreds of pounds for a pricey macro lens – just make one yourself!

Alexey Kljatov captured stunningly detailed photographs of snowflakes using a simple point-and-shoot camera, a standard 58mm SLR lens, and an ingenious camera set-up using an upturned stool, a bin bag, and a piece of glass. You can read all about his shooting technique on his blog.

Best budget camera hacks: 2. What you can do with binoculars and a roll of tape
Another option for creating your own makeshift macro lens is to find an old pair of binoculars and a roll of tape. It’s easy to do, and incredibly cheap! The amazing video below shows you how to go about it.

Source: Canal de Yeisondiaz, YouTube


Best budget camera hacks: 3. Get creative with a toilet paper tube!
You might have thought that using an old pair of binoculars to fashion a macro lens was inventive, but more inventive still is this tutorial, which shows you how to create a macro lens from a very unlikely source – a cardboard toilet paper tube!

11 camera hacks that will save you tons of money

Source: Digital Camera World


Best budget camera hacks: 4. New uses for old headphones
If you have a pair of old headphones lying around that you no longer use, these too can be made useful again to create a macro lens with tilt-shift functionality. The images also produce a fantastic vignette – you definitely won’t be able to go out and buy a lens like this! Click here to find out how to make a macro tilt-shift lens.

11 camera hacks that will save you tons of money

Source: Brian Schauer for DIY Photography

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