11 photo lessons every pro learned the hard way

The 10 commandments of professional photographers

Avoid making an embarrassing or expensive photographic mistake with these top photo lessons from the pros. We spoke to professional photographers in a number of different genres and put together the common pitfalls that plagued them all.

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Photo lessons 1: Download images and format cards straight after a shoot

11 photo lesson every pro learned the hard way: memory cards

It’s annoying enough when you fill a memory card mid-shoot and have to change to another, but if you reach into your bag and realise that you don’t have a single empty card, you’ll really be kicking yourself.

It also doesn’t impress a model or client if you waste their time while you scroll through your images looking for duff shots that you can delete to create space.

Save yourself the hurt, and download your images straight after every shoot.

Then format the card so it’s ready to be used as soon as you need it.

Photo lessons 2: Shoot raw files

11 photo lesson every pro learned the hard way: Shoot raw files

There may be loads of occasions when the JPEG results that you get straight from your camera are exactly what you want, but you can bet your last bean that it’ll be a crucial shot that has the wrong exposure and/or white balance.

If you’ve shot a raw file you’ll be able to produce a much better image than you ever will with a JPEG.

Don’t chance it, shoot raw files whenever possible.

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