Canon puts you in the driver’s seat in Need for Speed

Canon puts you in the driving seat in Need For Speed

New high-speed action motion picture Need for Speed puts viewers in the driver’s seat, and it’s the Canon 1DC that puts them there.

Canon Cinema C500 digital cinema cameras were also used during the filming, but it’s the Canon 1DC that really puts the audience in the thick of the action.

Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut was the man behind the filming, and he explains his choice of camera equipment on his blog Hurlbut Visuals.

It was essential that scenes were shot from a first-person perspective at the wheel, and they needed a camera that could deliver high resolution images in order for them to reframe, to zoom in, and to stabilise.

The only camera that could meet these needs, Hurlbut says, was the Canon 1DC. “This became our audience immersion device to sit all of you in the driver’s seat at 180mph,” he explains.

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When capturing the adrenaline-pumping stunts, ten Canon 1DCs were lined up in front of the stunt drivers.

“We turned to Geo Film Group to design and build 1DC crash cams,” explains Hurlbut. “They designed a hybrid box, an aluminium structure surrounding a heavy duty Pelican Case back. A steel membrane goes around it.

“This enabled us to have very quick access to change lenses, focus, and exposure. It was our go-to tool.”

You can view behind-the-scenes footage from Need for Speed on Vimeo:

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