The smart way to build your photo portfolio

It’s a chicken and egg situation – you can’t get new work as your portfolio isn’t big enough, but you can’t expand your portfolio without getting more work.

Navigating this impasse will take some ingenuity, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Here are some ideas for expanding your image base…

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The smart way to build your photo portfolio: 01. Offering to assist

01. Offering to assist

A good way to get experience of weddings is to offer to be a ‘second shooter’ for an established photographer in your area.

This is tried and tested route and many local pros will be happy to help so long as you:

  • have the skills
  • don’t get in their way
  • don’t then nick all their clients

You might get paid a bit too.

Be realistic about what you are going to get on the day though, as the bride and groom, and guests, will mainly want to pose for the main shooter.

There’s no reason you can’t get some good images, though, particularly those all-important detail and funny relative shots.

Offering your services as an assistant to a commercial baby and family photographer in your area is another good strategy, and will help you get more contacts.

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