10 summer photography tips to get you creative in the warmer months

10 summer photography tips to get you creative in the warmer months: 09. Shoot summer sports

9. Shoot summer sport

The football and rugby seasons maybe over, but there are still some great summer sports out there to shoot.

You could try you hand at shooting sailing or surfing down at the coast, cricket or bowls at the local ground, or perhaps cast your net a little wider and investigate the photographic opportunities of a polo match.

The sport itself is an interesting subject, but the supporters can also be fun.

Take a nice long lens to enable you to frame your subject nice and tightly.

10. Make your own postcards

Even if you’re not going away this summer you could still try shooting images suitable for turning into postcards.

The challenge is to find the perfect locations for the shoot that shows what’s best or most beautiful about your location and then shoot them in away that makes them look great.

Don’t just pop out and take a few snaps, think about the best time of day, the ideal weather, which viewpoint to use and whether you need to use any filters or apply a particular technique.

Who knows, if you have some prints made you might even be able to sell them at a local shop.

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